Monday, May 3, 2010

It's a Black President, Huey Freeman

I just watched the season premiere of The Boondocks, entitled "It's a Black President, Huey Freeman", and it was awesome!

You can view the episode here, at least until May 18.

It's about everybody's obsessions with Barack Obama during and immediately after the election and how he hasn't really delivered. And it's done as a mockumentary, going back to the election and inauguration, up to the present day.

But it's not just a mockumentary. It's a mockumentary in the style of Werner Herzog. There's a very Herzog-like voiceover that says all sorts of poetical stuff like in Grizzly Man and Encounters at the End of the World, and the accent is spot-on. You'd almost think they got Werner Herzog to play himself.

(checks closing credits)

Omigod!!! They did get Werner Herzog to play himself! They actually got Werner Herzog to do an impression of himself for a cartoon mockumentary about the Obama campaign!

Remember when Werner Herzog got shot? That was weird, man.

Anyway, Herzog follows the Freeman's and their neighbors around during the Obama campaign and chronicles how everybody falls in love with him except for Huey, Aaron McGruder's author surrogate character, who thinks it won't accomplish anything.

The best bit is when Herzog asks the character's why their voting for Obama and the characters all attribute their own views to Obama. So grandpa Robert Freeman says things like "because he's opposed to corporate bailouts" and "because he wants to take our troops out of Afghanistan" and Werner Herzog has to explain that that's not true.

Actually, no. The best part is when Werner Herzog asks Thomas Dubois "Are you afraid your wife will have lusty sex with Barack Obama?" That's especially awesome because it's Werner Herzog!

There's also a great bit where fictitious rapper Thugnificent (As Herzog puts it "a combination of the words 'thug' and 'magnificent'") teams up with real rapper (not played by himself) to record an Obama campaign song called "Dick Riding for Obama", which is completely indistinguishable from's actual Obama campaign song "Yes We Can".

And then it goes back to the present day as every thing returns to normal and nothing has changed, just like in real life.

If I have one criticism of the episode it's that the end is a bit depressing. The normally angry Huey is just passive, and it makes it sound like Obama hasn't accomplished anything. I mean while he hasn't brought us out of Iraq or Afghanistan and he hasn't shut down Guantanamo Bay and he didn't get a public option for health care, and he didn't save the American auto industry, he still has some accomplishments, like:
  • The troop surge in Afghanistan,
  • Supporting the Israeli invasion of Gaza,
  • Supporting the military coup in Hondouras,
  • Launching the "Race to the Top" program to privatize education and bust the teachers' unions under the guise of education"reform",
  • Praising the Rhode Island school board that fired all of its teachers because it was too cheap to actually fund education,
  • Hiring Larry "Africa is vastly underpolluted" Summers as his chief economic advisor,
  • Following Larry "Women can't do math" Summers's advice to give vast bailouts to the banks responsible for the financial crisis,
  • Following Larry "I got paid shitloads as the president of Harvard but laid of large portions of my staff because I supposedly couldn't afford to pay them" Summers's advice to not give bailouts to the people who lost their homes to the banks,
  • Passing a healthcare bill that forces people to give money to private insurance corporations,
  • Giving free beer to a policeman who arrested someone for entering his own home. . .
Wait, that's even more depressing. Here's Werner Herzog eating his shoe:

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  1. Being a fan of both Werner Herzog and The Boondocks, I think that episode WAS AWESOME!!!