Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Really, Tina Fey!?!

It's a well known fact that there are only two universal truths: Saturday Night Live isn't funny anymore and the Greeks have a habit of taking to the streets that puts all other countries to shame. Well, last weekend those two universal truths collided.

Frankly, all Americans should take inspiration from the general strike in Greece last week. But SNL alum Tina Fey disagrees.

She made this clear on the most recent SNL episode, along with her chums Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers when she turned an otherwise mediocre "Weekend Update" segment into a downright nauseating "Weekend Update" segment.

So, let's get this straight. You, Tina Fey, who spent $3.4 million on an apartment last year are telling Greek public sector workers that they have it easy?!? Really!?! You, Tina Fey, who gets paid $300,000 per episode of 30 Rock are ashamed that Greek workers don't want their standard of living destroyed to pay debts to a bunch of crooked hedge fund owners?!? Really!?!

And you know what?!? When you went on strike with the Writers Guild I supported you. Primarily I supported the underpaid struggling writers who don't have superstardom to fall back on, but you as well. And Seth Meyers!

By the way, Tina, I just noticed you have this weird speech impediment where, when you say "sixty-five" as in "your retirement age is sixty-five" it sounds like you're saying "fifty-four".

Unless you're perpetuating the myth that Greek workers who get laid off and can't get a new job because of the shitty economy are "retiring".

And you say "Greek people in America work the register at the diner until they die." And you consider that something Americans should be proud of !?! Really?!? Really!?! And why aren't you as a Greek American, working the register at the diner?!? I mean, really!?!

Really, Tina Fey!?! I mean, did you spend so much time impersonating Sarah Palin that you went native?!? Is that why you're posing as a humble waitress while arguing in the interests of big business?!?

And supposedly you were brought back to SNL so that a Greek person could chide the Greek strikers. Really, Lorne Michaels?!? Do you ¡¿¡Really!?! think that having a millionaire actress tell the entire population into accepting a pay cut?!? Come on, SNL, you're embarrassing yourself in front of Greece! And quite possibly Spain, Portugal and Ireland in the near future!

Here's a little tip. Go after the people responsible for the collapse of the Greek economy and the people trying to profit off of it! The biggest corporation in Greece, the Greek Orthodox Church, doesn't pay any taxes because of a "religious institution" loophole! Go after them! The EU forced Greece to adopt the Euro, meaning that prices in Greece were determined by the standard of living in Germany, France and England! Go after them!

And let's not forget the banks and hedge funds to whom Greece allegedly owes its debt to! I mean they actually charged higher interest rates to countries with bigger debts! Really! To the point where Greece would have to pay €750 million more interest on a €5 billion loan than Germany! But instead of going after them, you go after the people who they're screwing over?!? Really?!?!?

Sorry, Tina. Greece should not be embarrassed for having a general strike. The US should be embarrassed for not having a general strike while the banks get bailed out and everybody else gets their homes foreclosed (except for your $3.4 million apartment, of course).

I mean, really!?!


  1. I love an Irishman bitching about how capitalism is making people poor; tell that to the Irish over here who are about as bourgeois as any people on Earth.
    How about not sending wave after wave of extra population overseas, Ireland? How about feeding what you breed?
    All this man has done is substitute one suffocating, all-encompassing ideology ("democratic socialism") for his old one (Catholicism). Big change. Hope that works out for you.