Sunday, June 27, 2010

Futurama's Back!

The good news: Futurama's back! The also good news: it's still awesome! The bad news: it's not available on Comedy Central's website or Hulu. The okay news: I was able to find streaming somewhere on the internet that seems to be legal. The bad news: it makes you stop after 72 minutes of watching. The good news: there are only two new episodes sos the total time is less than 72 minutes. The bad news: the website doing the streaming has a very strange definition of "72 minutes".

But still, Futurama's back!

And here are the first two episodes, which are hopefully legal to show here and won't get taken down!


This one right here is the season six (the movies count as season five) debut, and it's awesome! If there was any worry that Matt Groening and David X. Cohen would get cocky and lazy when they got un-cancelled like Seth MacFarlane did, worry no more. This is one of the most expertly plotted episodes of television in a long time, right down to the little details.

Although it adheres to the well-worn "Chekov's robot eye" cliché it does so in a way that doesn't draw attention to itself. It takes care of the cliffhanger from the last movie in a way that still lets it work as a standalone episode. And it handles the Fry-Leela stuff in a way that shows that they won't just be repeating themselves.

The sentiment in this episode is a bit undercut by the Bender stuff, so it's not as moving as "Jurassic Bark". This is okay, because (a) nothing is as moving as "Jurassic Bark" and (b) they just got un-cancelled and thus deserve an opportunity to gloat.

Aside from one joke about stem-cells where they tried too hard to not offend anybody the episode was pretty much pure awesomeness! Yay!

And there's another episode!


This one is more of a straight-forward episode. It's not as awesome as "Rebirth" but still on par with a typical Futurama episode. In keeping with the themes of beginning, it combines the plots of two of the most famous franchise-starters: Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Genesis.

It has a few more jokes that don't work as well, mostly a few bad puns. But this is mostly made up for by the introduction of the Chamber of Understanding! And Zapp Brannigan!

Although it adheres to the well-worn "Chekov's mixed nuts" cliché, it does so in a way that doesn't draw attention to itself. Puns aside, the way it handles the plots of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Genesis is well done and makes perfect sense. The adaptation of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture plot is what makes the most sense of all!

Oh, and the black-and-white "Transcredible Adventures of Zapp Brannigan" bits are awesome! And so is the Chamber of Understanding!

So, yeah. Futurama's back!

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