Saturday, April 16, 2011

Walkerville, Illinois

With all the shenanigans going on here in Wisconsin, it's easy to overlook the bigger picture. Nationwide, there is an assault on working people. Ohio and Indiana have launched similar attacks on public sector unions. In New Hampshire, they're pushing forward an all out "right to work (for less)" law that would effectively abolish all unions, not just the public sector ones. In Michigan, they've established a "financial martial law" bill that would allow the Governor to unilaterally dissolve any local government he deemed to be spending too much on public services.

And then there's Illinois.

Recently, the Illinois State Senate unanimously passed SB 7, an assault on the teachers union. This bill makes it nearly impossible for teachers to strike (you know, for the children), forces teachers to work extra hours with no extra pay (you know, for the children), makes it easier to lay off teachers (you know, for the children), and makes teacher's pay based on their centering their entire curriculum around standardized tests (you know, for the children).